Green Roof Alliance

Resources List

Web Resources:

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

Grow West

Nature in the City

Ecology Center

Build It Green

California Academy of Sciences, The Living Roof

Roof Top Farms

Green Roof blog: Greening California Roof

Green Roof Contractors:

Habitat Gardens

Hydro Tech

Fidelity Roof Company

HB Foam


Green Roof Designers:

Fredrick Ballerini

Evo Catalyst – Lisa Lee Benjamin

Jim Davidge

Haven Kiers

Rana Creek – Paul Kephart

Design Ecology – Josiah Cain

Oona J. Gabersek

Brent Bucknum

     Glenn Rogers, PLA

     Karen MacKay Vertical Theory

     Suzanne Biaggi

Urban Ag Specialists:

Keith Agoada

Lisa Lee Benjamin

Jim Davidge

Green Roof Substrate:

American Soil


Green Roof Components:

Conservation Technology

Hydro Tech

     Veterans Solar Training


Ed Snodgrass

Nigel Dunnet

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